Two Hammond Designs in Portland Flag Contest

The Bangor Daily News Flag contest continues and two designs from Bath Flag Co. owner Jeremy Hammond are selected in the ten semi-finalists. You can vote for your favorite here.

Design #1: Resurgam Flag

Blue and gold represent the sea and prosperity and provide continuity with the current Portland flag. In true heraldic form, the image of several anchors symbolically depicts a busy port. The number of anchors was chosen to honor the four fires the city has survived.

Contest judge Ted Kaye’s comments:

This stand-out design combines two symbolic themes—the nautical history of Portland and its four fires—in a striking, effective, and recognizable image. I would be proud to live under this flag.

Design #2 Portland Liberty Flag

This flag shares similar symbolism with the above, having four white stripes to represent the four fires and a golden anchor. It is inspired by both the National flag as well as the old, continental flag of New England.

Contest Judge Ted Kaye’s comments:

This simple, conservative design could represent a state or even a country—the anchor is a great symbol.